Hints & Tips

Music Streaming Services

Spotify Spotify offers an Artist Radio feature which will start a stream based on the artist you chose originally and is a great way of finding new artists.

Search for an artist, then scroll down until you see 'Appears on' and as you scroll across you will see the name of the artist and radio, which you then select to play. Deezer Deezer has a Deezer Flow facility, which is a mix based on your favourites, but we have found it to throw up some interesting choices of song, although this can broaden your listening......

It also has an Artist Mix facility which works in much the same way as Spotify Artist Radio which can be found immediately under the artist's name, when you have searched for a particular one.

Broadband & Wifi

There is a lot of confusion over all these terms but basically your broadband is what is provided into your home via a router to allow you to access the internet and
Wifi is how you access the internet wirelessly around your home, usually from your router.
Your broadband speed is important when it comes to streaming music and video.

There are various websites you can access which will show your download and upload speed. It is the download speed that is the important figure to note as this is what enables information to come down the line to your computer.

A download speed of 2 (megabits per second) and over will allow music to be streamed relatively easily but obviously the higher the figure the better.

To stream video, you will need a much better download rate, from 5 to 10 for standard & high definition video and over 20 for 4K (ultra high definition). Wifi is another question altogether. This is how your products get their information from the router, wirelessly. When the range of your router is not good enough to reach every part of your house there are extender/repeater kits available to help 'boost' the range of your router. The quality and effectiveness of these kits varies enormously and the most effective kit we have tested, and now recommend, is BT Whole Home. Consisting of two or more 'discs', effectively replacing the wireless signal originally provided by your router, the first disc plugs into your router, subsequent discs 'talk' to each other wirelessly.


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

Unlike an LED/LCD television screen where light from LEDs is blocked from, or allowed through to, the front of the screen to produce variations in brightness and colour (the picture you see) an OLED screen produces light and colour directly from each individual pixel (the OLEDs). This means much better contrast (the difference between black and white) and more realistic colours, plus the physical screen can be made much slimmer. LG own this technology so any OLED tv will use an LG panel.

QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode)

QLED is an LED/LCD screen with a layer of ‘quantum dots’ and special blue LED added to create a better picture, pure whites and high brightness levels. It is a technology unique to Samsung and is unlike OLED.