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Hints & Tips
  • What is the warranty on products?
    The warranty we offer is always a manufacturers warranty and can differ between brands. Bang and Olufsen offer a 3 year warranty Bose offer a 2 year warranty Mitchell & Brown offer a 7 year warranty Please get in touch for any warranty related questions on specific products.
  • What's the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers?
    Bluetooth and WiFi are both commonly used to play music from one device to another without the need for cables connecting the two devices. Bluetooth is a direct one-to-one connection which is used over short distances, under 9 metres, to transfer music from a device that can transmit Bluetooth to a device that can recieve Bluetooth. It does not need an internet connection. Wi-Fi speakers, more commonly used in the home, need to be connected to your internet router. Wi-Fi speakers connect to one main system, which allows multiple speakers to be connected to play music all over the house.
  • What connections are there on a TV?
    Although different brands of television can have a slightly different range of connections most modern TVs with have the basics. HDMI - Used to connect video products like Sky boxes, DVD players, and media streaming boxes. HDMI can pass both video and audio signals from the box into your TV. HDMI (ARC) - Standing for Audio Return Channel, most new televisions will have one of these connections, usually on HDMI 2. The difference with this connection over a normal HDMI is that it allows audio to pass back down the cable out of the TV. Most commonly used for connecting to soundbars or surround sound amps. Optical - Audio only connection that allows you to connect soundbars or other speakers to your television
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