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Get more from your streaming service

One of the great things about shopping in a good record store is having other artists recommended to you based on the records you're buying. But did you know that most streaming services have similar recommendation facilities too.

Spotify offers an Artist Radio feature which will start a stream based on the artist you chose originally and is a great way of finding new artists.

For example, we found the song Texas Sun by Leon Bridges from Michael Kiwanuka Radio which we are really enjoying. Search for an artist, then scroll down until you see 'Appears on' and as you scroll across you will see the name of the artist and radio, which you then select to play.

Deezer has Deezer Flow, which is a mix based on your favourites, but we have found it to throw up some interesting choices of songs and it can really broaden your listening. It too has an Artist Mix facility which works in much the same way as Spotify Artist Radio and this can be found immediately under the artist's name, when you have searched.

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