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Is the CD dead?

Well, sales are definitely declining, but so too are digital downloads of albums. The real growth is in the streaming market with Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer leading the way, but newer players such as Tidal, which offers a CD quality service, are also coming through.

People who are generally looking for convenience, without ownership, don’t feel the need to have a physical copy of their music and are happy to just pay a subscription service to stream content on demand.

We find, however, that we sell a large number of CD players, as many of our customers treasure their CD collection as part of their own history and enjoy the physical act of choosing a CD to play, taking the case off the shelf, opening it and loading it into the player. These players also feature a radio and a streaming, or Bluetooth, option to give customers the choice of how to listen to their music so that they have the best of all worlds. Our premium brand, Ruark, a British company, have been producing CD players for 11 years and have recently launched a new one, the stylish R5.

So, is streaming harking back to the days when you didn’t own a television but rented it? Are we looking for a minimalist home without clutter and just want the ease of listening to