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Why have stereo?

As we all know, there are trends in home design and also how we like to live our lives and interact with our music.

Current stand-alone speakers from many brands feature a single ‘box’ with either a single (mono) speaker or two or more (stereo) speakers inside. This trend has been driven primarily by our desire to simplify and de-clutter our homes, looking to have a more minimalist environment without the need for a multitude of boxes and wires. These speakers also allow for other rooms to be added to the mix, allowing for the same music, or different sources or tracks, to be played simultaneously.

The sound from these speakers is impressive considering that all the sound is emanating from a single source.

Stereo listening experience

Real stereo sound, however, can offer a fuller and immersive musical experience, more in keeping with how you would hear music at a live music concert, where you hear different parts of the music in each ear depending on where the musicians are positioned on stage.

There is therefore a place for each type of system, depending on your requirements, listening habits and preferences. Several brands have single box solutions, which can be easily turned to full stereo by adding another speaker of the same type and utilising their app to set them up, like Devialet, Sonos and Ruark.

Other brands, such as Bang & Olufsen, Tangent and Dali all have stereo speakers in their ranges which offer either wireless, or wired, connectivity and give proper stereo performance. These can generally play music via Bluetooth or wifi, giving you streaming capability with the purer form of listening, as well as having perhaps a turntable connected to give you that old-school listening experience.

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