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Beoplay EQ

Beoplay EQ

Come in and experience in store


Available in:

Black | Sand


Adaptive noise cancelling wireless earphones


Take a moment to centre yourself when things at home get hectic. Adaptive active noise cancellation compensates for background noise while the snug, in-ear fit passively reduces disturbances too. Small and lightweight, Beoplay EQ in-ear headphones are comfortable enough to wear even when lying with your head on a pillow. Enjoy peace whenever you need it most or experience the true quality of your favourite albums without interruption.

  • Features

    •  Adaptive noise cancelling

    •  Authentic audio

    •  Wireless charging

    •  High-quality materials

  • Specifications

    Dust and Waterproof Rating

    IP54 (dust and splash/sweat resistant)


    Battery Life

    Up to 6.5 hours with ANC Up to 7.5 hours without ANC Up to 20 hours with charging case at moderate volume

  • Dimensions

    Earphones: W 24mm x H 22mm x D 27mm

    Charging case: W 77mm x H 40mm x D 26mm



    Each earbud: 8g

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