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Beovision Contour

Beovision Contour

Come in and experience in store


Screen sizes available in:

48 | 55 inch


All-in-one OLED TV


A timeless design, minimalist TV featuring the latest OLED screen and a powerful full-bodied, award-winning sound.


Available on floor stand and wall bracket. Soon also on the table stand option.

  • Features

    • New generation OLED screen

    • TV and Music in One

    • Award Winning Sound

    • One-touch access

    • Timeless Design

  • Design

    Dimensions (cm)


    Floor standing: 113.5 h x 111.2 w x 38.2 d

    Wall Bracket: 85.6 h x 111.2 w x 12.8 d

    Table Standing: 88.8 h x 111.2 w x 27.8 d



    Floor stand: 49kg

    Wall bracket: 38kg

    Table stand: 42kg



    Floor standing: 122.2 h x 126.9 w x 42.2 d

    Wall Bracket: 94.4 h x 126.9 w x 12.8 d

    Table Standing: 97.6 h x 126.9 w x 29.5 d



    Floor stand: 60kg

    Wall bracket: 46kg

    Table stand: 51kg

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