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Elipson Planet M

Elipson Planet M

These iconic passive spherical speakers feature a 10cm driver which offers smooth sound from a stylish design and, with the addition of a subwoofer, gives style and substance.


With a beautiful outer available in lacquered or matte finish and a metal grill, the Planet M are indisputably elegant decorative objects, which will fit in any room.


Available in a wide range of colours.


We have paired them in the showroom with a Sonos Amp and Sonos Sub to give not only great sound but also the ability to combine with other Sonos products around your home.

  • Features

    • Passive speakers

    •Compact size

    • Elegant design

  • Specifications

    • 0.7" tweeter


    • 4" woofer

    • 8 Ohms

    • Recommended amplifier 30-80w


  • Dimensions






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