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Flexson Play 5 Floor Stand

Flexson Play 5 Floor Stand

The Flexson floor stand for the new SONOS PLAY:5 puts your speaker at the ideal listening height. Whether you're streaming music to a single speaker, or using a pair of SONOS PLAY:5 speakers in stereo, your system will look - and sound - great. Flexson's bespoke floorstand is precision designed to perfectly match the size, style and colour of the new SONOS PLAY:5 speaker. The Flexson floor stand for the new SONOS PLAY:5 is a sturdy, metal design - with a stable base that can slip under sofas or chairs if needed. You can route the speaker’s power cable neatly through the floor stand. Like all Flexson accessories for SONOS, the floor stand is easy to assemble and use. It comes with your choice of spikes (for carpeted floors) or non-slip feet (for hard floors).

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    • Put your SONOS PLAY:5 at the ideal listening height

    • Bespoke design for new SONOS PLAY:5 speaker

    • Holds speaker securely at 820mm high, in landscape mode

    • Clever cable management keeps things tidy

    • Quick and easy to assemble

    • Precision designed in the UK

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