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Flip Click Clock

Flip Click Clock

Available in Walnut


As the 2019 UK Gift of the Year Award Winning design, the Flip Click Clock definitely stands out from the alarm clock crowds.

Incorporated with the popular and classical sound activated LED clock system, laser engraved touch control buttons and the new flip alarm technology, the Flip Click Clock is designed to enhance your whole experience of day to day alarm clock use.

  • Features

    • Super easy to use; just flip over to turn on or turn off the alarm

    • Long battery life up to 6 months per charge

    • Made of natural recycled wood

  • Specifications

    Battery life

    approx 6 months in sound activated display or 2-3 weeks in permanent display

    • Charging time: 3-4 hours



    115 x 70 x 36mm (LxWxH)

    Weight 150g 

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