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Just Racks JRL1101S Fabric Covered Cabinet

Just Racks JRL1101S Fabric Covered Cabinet

The JRL-1101S has been designed around the huge boost in the popularity of soundbars as the upper shelf can accommodate just about any soundbar up to 1020mm in length. There is even room below for selected subwoofers and with a front flap that has been covered in speaker grille cloth, visitors will be left wondering where the great sound is coming from. Also, the speaker cloth will let IR signals pass through too.


Its modern, clean-lines will completely transform your living room giving you a lifetime piece of furniture that will still look cool and refreshing in many years to come. The Just-Racks JRL-1101S is finished with a thick, black glass top which is scratch-resistant and around the rear a void is cut-out to direct cables. The newly updated 2014 version of this magnificent cabinet now features glass side panels which compliment the top glass surface.

  • Features

    • Fabric covered front (control IR devices through fabric)

    • Adjustable shelves

    • Cable management

    • Compartment for centre speaker or soundbar

    • Safety glass

  • Specifications


    H38.0cm x W111.0cm x D48.0cm


    Max weight on top 48kg

    Max weight total 60kg

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