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Loewe klang mr5

Loewe klang mr5

Part of the new multiroom Loewe speakers, the klang mr5 offers the most powerful sound from the largest speaker in the range.


Featuring Apple Airplay 2 and Google Chromecast, you can enjoy services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and internet radio.


The glass touch panel on the top surface is easy to use and gives the option of saving up to five favourites which can be mixed from any source.


  • Features

    • Active, wireless speaker

    • Bluetooth

    • Amazon Music, Spotify

  • Specifications

    • 180 watts

    • Frequency range 36Hz - 20KHz


  • Dimensions

    22.5 W x 40.1 H x 21.5 D

    Weight 4.4kg

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