Panasonic Blu-Ray Player BDT180EB

Panasonic Blu-Ray Player BDT180EB

Send fun content to any place in your home.

Besides 4K upscaling and 4K photo/video playback, you can enjoy high-resolution audio with the BDT-180. In addition, the player is equipped with smart network features. The DLNA function, for example, lets you use a smartphone or tablet to enjoy content that you saved on a PC ora recorder anywhere in the house.

  • Features

    • Built-in 4K (Ultra HD) Up-scaling

    • 4K JPEG Playback

    • Blu-ray 3D

    • Internet Apps

    • DLNA

    • Web Browser

    • HDMI CEC

    • Quick operation

    • DSD Playback

    • FLAC Playback

  • Specification

    H 4.3cm x W 31.2cm x D 18.0cm



    1.0 kg

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