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Reloop TURN 3

Reloop TURN 3

Come in and experience in store


Stylish semi-automatic hi-fi turntable


This belt-driven turntable offers a high quality sound experience with a stylish appearance and its gloss black plinth houses a low-noise DC motor which keeps un-wanted noise and resonance to a minimum.


The straight tonearm was specially designed for TURN 3, and offers optimal tracking performance for a superior sound experience.


In addition to the high-quality Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, the TURN 3 also has a Moving Magnet phono stage and features a switchable Semi-Automatic Auto Stop function, which allows the turntable to automatically start when the tonearm is placed in position, and stop again at the end of the record.


  • Features

    • Belt-driven hi-fi turntable

    • Semi-automatic auto-stop function

    • Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

    • Integrated phono stage which can be switched on or off

    • USB output for digitizing your vinyl

    • Gloss black piano finish


  • Specifications


    W 450mm x D 352mm x H 138.7mm 



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