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Ruark MR1 Mk2

Ruark MR1 Mk2

Come in and experience in store


Available in:

Soft Grey | Rich Walnut


Ruark’s award winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers provide remarkable sound in multiple applications. Flawless as computer speakers, ideal to use with a turntable and a fantastic way to improve the sound of your TV, the MR1 speakers will fill any room with quality sound without dominating it, making them perfect for audiophiles and the design conscious alike.

  • Features

    • Bluetooth Audio with aptX

    • Snooze mode for auto-standby

    • Auto mono for use as a single speaker

    • Connect to your TV

    • Inserts on rear panel for wall-mount bracket

    • 2 Colour Choices

  • Specifications


    H170 × W130 × D135mm  each (3.5kg per pair)


    Inputs and Outputs

    Optical digital input

    Output for active subwoofer

    Line-in audio input with switchable attenuation


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