Ruark R2 Mk3

Ruark R2 Mk3

The award winning R2 Mk3 is the perfect ‘all in one’ music system. Alongside DAB, FM and Internet tuners, it features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Spotify Connect technologies which allow you to wirelessly stream your music. In the R2, Ruark has created a compact music system which will bring new joy to your listening experience.


Spotify Connect Built In

R2 has Spotify built in and with a Spotify Premium account you can select the R2 as your playback device and then control the music using the R2’s RotoDial, remote control or via the R2’s UNDOK control app and enjoy award winning sound.


World Radio

For local and national radio broadcasts, the R2’s DAB and FM tuner provides excellent performance and with DAB+ technology also built in, R2 can be used in countries where this updated format is now being used. DAB+ also ensures that R2 is future-ready for the implementation of this technology in the UK. For international broadcasts, R2’s Internet tuner allows you access to stations and podcasts world-wide, so whether you’re into classical, rock or jazz, with the R2’s search capability you will quickly find stations to suit your needs.


Great Connectivity

Voice control and streaming from the likes of Amazon and Google are exciting new technologies, but knowing which one is right for you and which will stand the test of time can be a daunting decision. This is a key reason why all Ruark products incorporate Bluetooth and additional inputs, so new technology devices can easily be connected and enjoyed and so when technology changes (which it is bound to) it is very easy for you to upgrade as required.

Alongside wireless connectivity, the R2 also has great direct connectivity, featuring two switchable line inputs, a headphone output and a multi-purpose USB socket so you can conveniently charge your smartphone or playback music loaded onto a memory stick/portable hard drive in a variety of audio codec’s including WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3.


Vivid Clarity

Programme, time and alarm status are shown with vivid clarity on the R2’s Organic LED (OLED) display. The display retains its high contrast at any viewing angle and the display intensity can be adjusted to suit your requirements, when active and also in standby.


High Quality Bluetooth

R2 has high performance aptX Bluetooth built in so you can directly stream from compatible devices to the R2 with CD quality sound. An increasing number of Smartphone’s and other devices have aptX technology built in, but with or without, sound quality over Bluetooth with R2 is remarkable.


Bedside Companion

Any bedroom looks and sounds better with an R2 and with comprehensive dual alarms you’ll be roused from your slumbers with beautiful sound exactly when you want from your desired radio station or Spotify playlist source. R2 also features adjustable sleep and snooze timers so you can doze off and snooze in a similar fashion.


Wireless Music Access

R2 allows you to wirelessly access music stored on computers and NAS drives connected to your home network. This makes R2 ideal if you like to download music or record and store your CDs on one central device. It supports a variety of popular audio codec’s including WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3. Please note that audio streaming over a network requires a NAS drive or PC/Mac running DLNA certified software with sharing enabled.


Full Remote Control

Included with R2 is a compact remote, but for full wireless control these is an Apple and Android App available called UNDOK. With R2 connected to your wireless network and UNDOK you will have complete control of R2’s settings and will also be able to see what’s playing on the screen of your smart device, all from the comfort of your chair or anywhere within range of your wireless network.


Multi-room Ready

On its own, the R2 is a superb music system, but with two or more you can wirelessly link together and play music in-sync all over your home. Unlike other multi-room systems, grouping can be performed directly on R2 with the display providing clear feedback or alternatively you can set-up and control with the UNDOK app. R2 will also wirelessly link with our new R7, to provide sound reinforcement where needed.

  • Features

    • FM & DAB Radio

    • Internet Radio

    • Bluetooth

    • Wi-fi

    • Spotify connect

    • Dual alarms

    • 3 Colour choices

  • Specification


    H120 × W360 × D185mm (3.6kg)


    Inputs and Outputs

    2 switchable line inputs

    Headphone output

    USB socket

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