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Ruark R3 - compact music system

Ruark R3 - compact music system

Come in and experience in store


Available in:

Soft Grey | Rich Walnut


Designed to exceed expectation


Ruark's latest connected, all-in-one music system offers a more compact but no less attractive design. It is packed with all the latest streaming capabilities as well as a CD player, radio tuners and connectivity for external devices such as a turntable and/or television.


Coming soon in walnut is the R3s featuring STEREO+ sound, output for subwoofer, Bluetooth 5 receiver & faster processing.

  • Features

    • All-in-one music system

    • Class leading audio with enhanced stereo sound

    • Multi Format CD player

    • SmartRadio Tuner with Internet Radio/DAB/DAB+/FM

    • Comprehensive Wi-Fi streaming with Spotify Connect and support for Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music

    • AptX Bluetooth receiver

    • Analogue & Digital inputs for external devices such as: turntable, TV, Amazon Echo

    • Infrared remote control

  • Specifications


    H 16.7cm × W 42cm × D 22cm


    Weight 5.3kg

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