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Ruark RS1

Ruark RS1

Come and experience in store


Available in:

Rich Walnut 


The new RS1 subwoofer delivers deep bass that smaller speakers are unable to, giving a more satisfying and realistic audio experience. It’s a perfect addition to the Ruark MR1 and R3S models or any other system where a subwoofer with style and good sound is required.


With the design cues from other products in the range, this subwoofer has good looks as well as quality sound.


  • Features

    • Drivers 170mm treated fibre long-throw active driver and 170mm passive radiator

    • Amplifier 100W RMS Class D with soft clipping filter

    • Controls Adjustable crossover 50–180Hz, input/volume level control and 180 degree phase switch

    • Input Sub-input via Mono RCA input (up to 2.3Vrms)

    • Finish Lead Grey cabinet cloth with Rich Walnut top and bottom panels

    • Product compatibility RS1 is compatible with MR1, R3S and R410 models or any other active speaker or amplifier with subwoofer or pre-out phono connectors

  • Specifications


    H 30cm × W 25cm × D 26.5 cm (inc. feet and controls)

    Weight 6.7kg

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