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Sonos Five

Sonos Five

As the flagship speaker in the range, the new Five features fantastic sound quality which can be tuned to your environment to create the most accurate sound reproduction possible from Sonos. Furthermore, for the true audiophiles out there, two Fives can be configured as a stero pair for the ultimate in wireless performance. We've tested this in store and the result is truly inspriring music - why not come and hear for yourself?


Each Sonos Five is crammed with six speakers - three woofers to provide punchy and highly eloquent bass, and three tweeters to create a wide and detailed stereo image. The Five features an onboard accelerometer which automatically recalibrates the speaker configuration depending on whether you're using it vertically or horizontally.


As well as being able to stream almost everything, there's also a line input on the back so you can hook in a turntable, CD player, or indeed any other line source.

  • Features

    • Fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound.

    • Bold. Pure. Dynamic. Intense. With deep bass that packs a punch.

    • Uncompromised sound whether vertical or horizontal.

    • Convenient, ultra-responsive top panel touch controls.

    • Line-in. Plug in any device you want.

    • Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.

    • Connect Sonos to an Amazon Echo or Dot, then simply request the music you love.

    • Available in black and white

  • Specification

    H 20.3cm x W 36.4cm x D 15.4cm



    6.36 kg


    In The Box


    • Sonos PLAY:5

    • Power cord

    • Flat Ethernet cable

    • Sonos QuickStart Guide

    • Legal/Warranty information.

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