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We. See

We. See

This range of Ultra HD LED televisions from We. by Loewe offer 4 sizes and 3 colours.  If you are looking for a slim, smart television with the option of Aqua Blue or Coral Red, as well as Storm Grey, then you will be surprised by what the We. See can offer.  With all streaming services and 80 watts of sound from its front firing speakers, it is a great all-rounder.  Available in 32" (Full HD only), 43", 50" and 55" screen sizes it comes on its own table stand but has the option of wall or floor mounting too.

  • Features

    • Ultra HD (Full HD on 32")


    • Screen Mirroring


  • Specifications

    •  80 watts from front firing speakers

    • 4 HDMI (3 on 32")




  • Dimensions including table stand

    We. SEE 55: W x H x D  = 124.4 x 75.1 x 7.6 

    We. SEE 50: W  x H x D  = 113.0 x 68.9 x 7.6 

    We. SEE 43: W  x H x D = 97.6 x 60.2 x 6.6 

    We. SEE 32: W  x H x D = 73.1 x 46.7 x 7.6 

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