Smart Lighting, Heating and Power

If you are looking to make your home 'smart', why not ask us about our range of products.

Smart Sockets

Smart Switches

Smart Blinds

Smart Heating

We can advise, supply and install all the ranges that we reccomend.

Devices can be controlled via an app or by voice control. With a simple connection to your home router, you can make a difference to your home appearnace, to the safety of your home and the your energy bills.

Set timers to turn lights on and off, lift or lower blinds or turn on or off your heating, even when your away from home.


Here are just some of the possibilities:

Make your home look lived in when you are out

Save money on your electricity and gas bills


Create lighting moods and 'zones' for grouping lights together 

Set your boiler to start heating the house so that it's warm when you get home

Works with popular voice assistants

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