Founded in 1994 by three brothers in Germany, this company has remained true to its heritage and all its television furniture is still made there.  It is one of the most successful AV furniture specialists in Europe, offering quality and customisation as well as innovative new products.

Circle Stand

The new Circle TV stand makes televisions more flexible. Its mount not only pivots, but is also height-adjustable. And even the sound flows in the right direction, as the soundbar mount turns in sync with the TV.

Stand Alone

with Shelf

with Soundbar bracket

with Shelf & Soundbar bracket

Customisable, Modular Furniture

The new collection from Spectral, Next, is about excitement, choice and innovation. It's about elegant simplicity, modular versatility, and personal taste. From a simple stand-alone sideboard TV unit, to a complete wall of sleek storage for all your music and video equipment.

Below are just some examples of what is achievable with Spectral's new collection of modular cabinets and storage units.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a time to come in store and talk about your requirements.

Keep everything tidy

Can store soundbars from Sonos & Bose etc

In your dining room, 
your living room, 
your bedroom.

Floor-standing or wall-mounted. As a sideboard, a TV unit, or simply storage.

Cable Management

Put your cables out of sight. For good. Cables. Nice to have. Not nice to look at.

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